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카테고리 선택

카테고리 선택

카테고리 선택


프로펠 어드밴스 Pro

빠른 속도로 질주하는 즐거움을 경험하세요. 크리테리움, 로드 스프린트 혹은 트라이애슬론을 위한 에어로 어드밴티지, PROPEL ADVANCED PRO.


Every aspect of this frame is engineered as a complete system to deliver unbeatable aero road performance. Extensive CFD analysis and dynamic wind-tunnel testing was used to optimize every frame tube and angle in a process called AeroSystem Shaping technology. The frame is then handcrafted using Advanced-grade composite material to produce a bike that’s both stiff and light, with a sharp, responsive ride quality. Purpose-built aero road technologies, including SpeedControl SL brakes and a Vector seatpost further enhance this well-rounded, wind-slicing performer.

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