당신이 가장 원할 때, 원하는 곳에서 에어로 어드밴티지를 경험하세요. 바람을 가르며 달리는 새로운 로드 바이크 Propel Advanced Pro는 공기 저항을 최소로 하며, 스프린트, 브레이크 어웨이, 그리고 어택을 할 때 필요한 에너지를 줄였습니다. 그리고 이런 작은 이점이 모여 커다란 승리를 이뤄낼 것입니다.


Developed with pro sprinters and proven in the heat of the battle, the all-new Propel Advanced Pro combines the superior aerodynamic performance of the current Propel Disc range with the convenience of new and improved rim brake performance. Extensive CFD analysis and dynamic wind-tunnel testing was used to optimize every frame tube and angle in a process called AeroSystem Shaping technology. The frame is handcrafted using Advanced-grade composite material to produce a bike that is both lightweight and stiff, with a sharp, responsive ride quality. Purpose-built aero road technologies, including SpeedControl brakes, a Vector seatpost and new rim-brake technology put the new Propel Advanced Pro ahead of the pack.

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