가볍고 빠른 에어로 로드 바이크 Propel Advanced는 본연의 라이딩 퀄리티는 저해하지 않으면서 공기 저항을 최소로 했고, 바람에 맞서기 위해 필요한 모든 이점을 갖추었습니다. 경량 카본 복합소재 프레임은 스프린트를 하거나 어택을 할 때, 모든 상황에서 완벽한 라이딩 퀄리티를 제공할 수 있도록 설계되었습니다.


Proven aero performance, sharp yet stable handling, and one of the lightest frames in its category. Propel Advanced delivers in all areas, and this new version also features an updated rim brake system to give it better control. The frameset is re-engineered with Giant’s AeroSystem Shaping technology, which means that every tube shape and angle is optimized for minimal drag. The Advanced-grade composite frame is both stiff and superlight, and its new rim-brake technology is integrated with the frameset with linear-style calipers. For pro-level road performance and the ultimate aero advantage, the new Propel Advanced gives you the perfect one-two finish line punch.

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