Defy Advanced (2018) - Giant Bicycles | South Korea

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카테고리 선택

카테고리 선택

카테고리 선택


디파이 어드밴스

거친 도로 위도 부드럽게 질주하세요. 힘들고 긴 라이딩을 위해 탄생한 엔듀런스 로드 바이크 DEFY ADVANCED.


This lightweight Advanced-grade composite frame features endurance geometry and engineered compliance for a smooth, high-performance ride. Its tube shapes are optimized to absorb road shocks and vibrations, yet they’re still stiff in ways that matter—for pedaling efficiency and precise, stable handling. It’s actually crafted with specific carbon layups to give it just the right feel. And integrated disc-brake technology, featuring flat mounts and 12mm thru-axles front and rear, gives you added control in all types of weather and road conditions.

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