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Full Power. Full Speed.

When you’re climbing steep singletrack, accelerating on fast and flowy trails, or committing to big moves on technical terrain, power matters. Weight matters, too. Those two factors combined, the power-to-weight ratio, play a major role in how an E-MTB performs on the trail. That’s the main idea behind the all-new Trance X Advanced E+ Elite, the lightest full-power E-MTB in the world.

While most lightweight E-MTBs have a reduced motor output—limited by smaller batteries to achieve lower overall weights—the Trance X Advanced E+ Elite delivers full power by using a breakthrough battery technology developed specifically for E-bike usage. The EnergyPak 400 uses higher volume battery cells that make it possible to have a full-power motor with a battery that’s half the weight of previous generations.

Advanced Cockpit Control

The all-new Contact SLR Trail integrated handlebar/stem unit offers adjustability, compliance, light weight and a clean, simple profile. Weighing just 255 grams, it has all the advantages of a one-piece bar and stem but with the adjustability of a conventional setup. Riders can set it to their desired stem length (40mm, 45mm or 50mm) and rotate the bar to achieve the angle they want.

Multiple Control Units

The electronics can be controlled in multiple ways. The RideControl Go button on the top tube lets you easily change support levels and has an on/off button with colored LED lights to indicate support mode and battery level. The Ergo 3 remote, integrated with the handlebar grips, features three buttons and a minimalist design with tapered, size-specific grips. (The control units can also be used with any replacement grip.) The remote can be mounted on either side of the bar, and there’s an option to add a second Ergo 3 to control features such as walk-assist mode or lights.

RideControl App

Adjustments can also be made using the RideControl App—which gives riders the ability to customize the motor performance for their individual needs.

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Maestro Suspension Technology

Proven Maestro rear suspension delivers 140mm of rear travel for smooth control on rugged singletrack terrain. Combined with a 150mm suspension fork and a mixed wheel build—a larger 29-inch front for stability and roll-over capabilities, and a 27.5-inch rear for agility on the trail—it’s an ideal setup that balances responsive handling with confidence and control.

Adjustable Geometry

The full carbon frameset features progressive trail geometry including a slightly slacker head tube. The added weight of an E-MTB affects overall handling, and the geometry addresses this to optimize confidence and control without compromising agility. In addition, the geometry, including the head angle and seat tube angle, can be adjusted with a flip chip located on the rear suspension linkage.

Mixed Wheel Size

A 27.5-inch rear wheel and 29-inch front wheel setup offers the best of both worlds: the stability and roll-over capabilities of a larger-diameter front wheel and the quick handling qualities of a shorter rear end.

Advanced Composite

High-performance grade raw carbon material is used to produce this custom frame material with a high stiffness-to-weight ratio. The front triangle is assembled and molded as one continuous piece in a proprietary manufacturing process called Modified Monocoque Construction.