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It’s the most fun you can have in the dirt. Whether you’re new to mountain biking or you’re an experienced rider looking to expand your capabilities, the all-new Stance E+ gives you the confidence and control to up your game—and the power to keep you coming back for more.

This full-suspension E-MTB combines Giant’s proven MTB frame technology with FlexPoint suspension and a new SyncDrive Pro motor system for a powerful, playful ride experience. It’s a great option for flowy XC trails, multi-use paths or more technical singletrack—everything one might encounter on a typical off-road adventure.

SyncDrive Motor

Powerful SyncDrive motors provide up to 85Nm of torque and a 400 percent support ratio to deliver a dynamic ride experience. Whether spinning up long, sustained climbs or applying quick bursts of power at low speeds on technical singletrack, riders get instant engagement that feels smooth and natural. Specifically optimized for the Stance E+, the motor is sonically tuned for smooth, quiet performance.

EnergyPak Battery

This integrated system is purpose-built for the specific needs of E-bikes. It features exclusive new battery cell technology with greater discharge capacity. The larger cells run cooler, which means less stress on the system and a longer life cycle. Built with a sturdy aluminum casing, it’s rated for safety and impact resistance according to the highest industry test standards. It’s a modular system, which means Stance E+ models can be upgraded to the new 800Wh battery used on the Stance E+ Pro. It's also compatible with the EnergyPak Plus 250Wh range extender for long-distance adventures.

Flexpoint Suspension

Using the flexing elements of the rear chainstay and seatstay, FlexPoint Suspension eliminates complex pivots and linkages to provide an effective, lightweight and durable suspension system that’s easy to maintain. The proven design offers trail riders increased control for more confident off-road riding.

Integrated Cable Routing

Innovative touches abound on Stance E+, including integrated cable routing. The cables and wires are cleanly tucked away, running below the stem and through the head tube, which protects them from damage and offers a clean and tidy profile.