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Rave Reviews For Full-E+ SX Pro E-Bike!


E-Bike Tips, a website dedicated to E-bikes, posted its review of the 2018 Full-E+1 SX Pro full suspension mountain bike, calling it a “high quality E-MTB” and awarding it 4 stars out of 5 in its ranking.

The review starts off by looking at the new SyncDrive Pro motor. Reviewer Dave Atkinson noted that “the Pro motor has a maximum output of 80Nm which is up there with the most powerful off-road units, but crucially its ability to transfer all that power is much improved."

The focus then moves on to the ride performance, with the review claiming that “the Full-E feels much more eager on the climbs and it’s much better when you’re attacking technical stuff.”

The Full-E range shares some of the same design and technology features as the Trance trail bike range, and E-Bike Tips claims “the geometry works very well for an all-purpose trail bike”.

Summing it up, Atkinson wrote: “It’s definitely one to consider if your next mountain bike is going to be electrified.

For more, check out the full review at ebiketips.com. 

And for all the details on the 2018 Full-E+ SX Pro, click here. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2018