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“NRS & Events” Partners with Giant Bicycle, Liv Cycling and Volvo Car USA For 2020

Thursday, February 13, 2020


Cycling fans will see Giant and Liv bicycles on top of Giant and Liv branded Volvo V90 neutral service vehicles at more than 100 cycling events this year.

NRS & Events, LLC, a family-owned business that provides custom professional mechanical support at cycling events throughout North America, is proud to announce the addition of Giant Bicycle, Liv Cycling and Volvo Car USA to its roster of marketing partners for 2020.

NRS (Neutral Race Support) was formed in 1980 by former racer Butch Balzano. Behind the wheel of his Caprice Classic station wagon, Balzano offered grassroots mechanical service at cycling events in and around the New England area.

This one-time hobby has grown to one of the largest self-supporting neutral service programs in the world with a fleet of Volvo V90s, three full-time licensed mechanics and many part-time mechanics working gran fondos, stage races, training camps, gravel races and events across the United States.

Giant and Liv will supply NRS with a combined fleet of 60 road bikes and 24 cyclocross bikes for neutral support.

“Giant Group USA is proud to partner with NRS & Events and provide outstanding neutral-support road racing and cyclocross machines at many of the top races across the country,” says John “JT” Thompson, general manager of Giant Group USA, which include Giant, Liv, Momentum and CADEX brands. “Giant bikes are different, Giant makes them; 95% of the brands in the bicycle space make nothing and only market. We’re very enthusiastic to get elite athletes on our bikes to feel the difference of ‘Farm to Table’ quality and authenticity.”

“Spreading excitement, energy and getting all types of people riding is our top priority,” continues Thompson. “Over the years Polly Balzano and Butch Balzano have exemplified this passion and we look forward to being a part of the wide range of events they support.”

Ten new Volvo V90 Cross Country support vehicles will support the NRS calendar this year, which includes 38 criteriums, 34 gran fondos, 18 cyclocross races, 10 stage races, 8 one-day road races, and 2 training camps.

“We’re proud that the Volvo V90 Cross Country will be supporting more than 100 cycling events across the country through our partnership with Neutral Race Support,” said Rick Bryant, head of sales for Volvo Car USA. “Cycling is an passion for many Volvo drivers and we look forward to demonstrating how the V90 Cross Country is a versatile car that can handle all the gear a cyclist requires in a timeless Scandinavian style.”

In addition to attending scheduled races and events, NRS will visit up to 50 Giant and Liv retailers this year, where they will offer neutral support for local rides and events.

“By partnering with Giant and Liv, consumers and shop owners alike will have hands-on experiences at personalized retail shop visits,” says NRS co-owner Polly Balzano. “These visits are an important part of the vision Butch Balzano has for NRS. Consumers want to touch and see the products and with Giant scheduling shop visits they will have the ability to do just that.”

She added, “NRS & Events couldn’t be more grateful to have both sponsors as partners of the NRS program.”