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Mount Desert Island, ME

What does is it mean to go home?

We suppose that the answer depends upon who you ask. For former National Champion and Olympian Adam Craig, homecoming means reconnecting with family. It means riding the carriage paths, roads and trails that he rode on as a child. We spent a couple of days with Adam and his father (look for him at 1:30), ruminating on the past and reflecting upon life after a competitive career.

Happily, Adam’s love of riding is stronger than ever. The international racing resume he’s amassed, belied by his introspective demeanor. Perhaps it’s a Maine thing. We’ll certainly admit that the sunset views from the top of Cadillac Mountain elicit a certain stillness of self.

And one can only assume that this is what John Rockefeller Jr. felt when he helped with the creation of gravel carriage paths on Mount Desert Island. Rockefeller was opposed to the introduction of automobiles, rightly fearing their effect on the beauty of the area. Because of this network of paths, Mount Desert Island offers fantastic riding on a variety of surfaces. Add in a TCX and a former Olympian, and you’ve got the recipe for a pretty good day.