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Competition runs deep in the veins of Eddie Lawson.

It has to.

You don’t become one of the most decorated motorcycle racers in history without a preternatural drive to be your best. After four Grand Prix World Championships, two Superbike championships, and an astonishing 31 GP race victories, there isn’t much that Lawson hasn’t accomplished on two wheels.

So it’s not a surprise that when Lawson retired to Lake Havasu, he continued to train and ride hard. Mountain biking became a passion, a way to have fun and keep racing skills sharp.


In 2016, Lawson was introduced to a newcomer to Lake Havasu, someone also retired but hardly slowing down. A mutual friend thought they would have a lot in common and out on the mountain biking trails around town, they discovered how true that was.

This newcomer, Lu Lastra, had a career every bit a decorated as Lawson, and in one of the few fields even more competitive than motorcycle racing.

A former Navy SEAL Master Chief with 35 years of Naval service—sixteen at SEAL Team SIX—Lastra’s accomplishments include mentoring over 9,000 SEAL/SWCC Instructors and Students during his career at the Naval Special Warfare Advanced Training Command.

“I’ve been on two wheels since I was a kid and had followed MotoGP though the 80s and 90s, so I was thoroughly aware of Eddie's incredible history,” says Lastra. 


Lawson and Lustra discovered that E-bikes let them ride hard and train hard and have a ton of fun. Take a ride with them in the video above as they take to the trails of Arizona on a pair of Trance E+ 1 Pro E-bikes.

“Now it's like riding my motocross bike or taking the jet skis out," says Lawson. "It's something you really want to do. And I wake up and think, I'm going to go ride my E-bike today. And that's the difference. I just want to be out on the trails riding that bike every day. So yeah, I'm kind of a hardcore E-bike guy.”