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At Giant we take pride to give you the best ride for commuting, sports or outdoor exploration.

Our products are produced, tested, and tuned for the toughest environments and circumstances, but tampering with those limits can have adverse effects.

Tampering to achieve higher speeds compromises quality standards. We cannot guarantee functionality of E-bikes that have been tampered with.

Tampering with a product that is designed for use in public spaces causes safety issues, not only for rider but also for fellow users.

Illegal Tampering

As a bicycle manufacturer we have a legal obligation to curtail illegal tampering with our products. We care for the safety of our customers, our systems detect if an E-bike is being tampered with, and will trigger safety mode.

What is tampering?

Illegal ‘tuning’ of the motor, or otherwise tampering, tricking, or bypassing the manfucaturer set limits of the E-bike. Mechanisms such as tuning dongles, chip tuning, or other devices change the maximum speed of your bike.

Not only is this against the law, but it also can damage the motor and components beyond repair.

Voided Warranty

Giant E-bikes are designed and produced to specification, and we cannot guarantee the correct functionality after tampering has occurred. Therefore, any form of tampering automatically voids the warranty on all E-bikes and components.


Surpassing the maximum speed limit can change the status of your E-bike so that it no longer meets the regulations for usage in public spaces and roadways.

Accidents could lead to substantial liability, expense, bodily harm, criminal prosecution, and even death.

Giant continues to cooperate with cycling industry standards to combat E-bike tampering, and is working together with manufacturers, cycling associations, and law-makers to counteract manipulation and tampering.

We feel raising awareness about the risks and consequences of E-bike tampering are paramount.

Participating partners have pledged to help prevailing anti-tampering regulations, continually enhance existing standards, and amplify public consciousness concerning the risks associated with tampering.

The guidelines articulated in EN 15194:2017 establish a consistent European benchmark for electrically power-assisted cycles (EPAC bicycles), encompassing all implicated components. Procuring an E-bike conforming to EN 15194:2017 assures buyers that the electric propulsion unit and other constituents meet the prescribed baseline requirements and function harmoniously. Additionally, EN 15194:2017 mandates the implementation of effective measures to avert or mitigate plausible manipulation, including speed tuning.

The Giant Ecosystem

Our software detects instances of tampering, display an error code signifying manipulation, and the system will fall into safety mode. Original factory settings can only be reinstated by Giant Bicycles, at the cost of the consumer.

We do this to protect the functioning on our E-bikes. If we are unable to protect that system, the durability, functionality and safety of the bike cannot be guaranteed.

Intended Use

In the end, it is all about using your E-bike the way it was designed to be used. At Giant Group we are designing and manufacturing our products to the highest standards.

Tampering with our E-bikes is dangerous, illegal, and can cause irreparable damage.

Ride safe.