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Which E-MTB is for me?

E-mountain bikes fall into two main categories: full-suspension or hardtail.

Full-suspension offers front and rear shock technologies for more comfort and control. Hardtail E-MTBs features front suspension only.

Why choose a Hardtail E-MTB?

Hardtails offer simpler technologies without complicated linkages on the frame. These E-bikes are typically less expensive and easier to maintain. A hardtail delivers a stiff, efficient ride quality on the trail. Hardtails are also generally lighter weight, though this is less of a concern since E-MTBS have motor support.

Why choose a Full-Suspension E-MTB?

Full-suspension E-MTB’s offer more control and confidence for more aggressive trail riding. They are better suited to riding technical terrain at higher speeds. The added rear suspension gives you better traction while climbing and improved wheel contact with the ground for more precise handling. And by absorbing the bumps and hits while riding over rocks, roots and other trail obstacles, a full-suspension bike also lessens the impact on your body, reducing fatigue on more challenging rides.