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It's a fact: life is better on a bike.

Cycling offers improved mental and physical health, helps the environment, reduces traffic congestion, offers community and a deep sense of accomplishment. What's not to love?

Make no mistake, you don't need to be at a certain fitness level or ride at a certain speed to enjoy these benefits. Nope, just hop on a bike and you'll see what we mean.

May is National Bike Month, and we're on a mission to share the good news of cycling. Fortunately, we're not alone. The League of American Cyclists created a guide to finding local rides and cycling events this month. 

Whether you ride each week or haven't ridden a bike in years, there's never been a better time than now to get pedaling. 

So, what type of cyclist are you?


Bikes For Exploring

Other Good "Go-Anywhere" Models to Consider: Talon ($720), Stance ($1,750), Toughroad SLR ($1,365), Roam Disc ($1,050)


Transport And Commuting Bikes

Other "Ditch The Traffic Jam" Models To Consider: Fastroad ($1,135),  Expressway ($630), Escape City Disc ($665), ATX ($475)


Performance Bikes

Other Performance Road Models To Consider: Contend ($945), Defy Advanced ($2,520), TCR Advanced ($1,900).


Youth and Recreation Bikes

Other Youth Models To Consider: MOTR 20 ($260),  ARX 24 ($450), GFR ($315), XTC Jr 24 Disc 1 ($425)


Cruising The Town Bikes

Other "Man About Town" Models To Consider: Simple 3 ($560), Cypress ($390), Sedona DX ($225), LaFree E-bike ($2,400)



Other Electric Bike Models To Consider: Quick-E ($3,150), Explore E+ ($2,575), Stance E+ ($3,675), LaFree E-bike ($2,400)