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Rahsaan Bahati

Rahsaan Bahati is more than a professional cyclist, and more than a 10x National Champion. Rahsaan embodies the very best of what a bicycle has to offer us, and shows how it can be a tool to transcend your circumstances. A Los Angeles native, he established The Bahati Foundation with a mission to inspire and empower inner-city youth by exposing them to cycling as part of a healthy lifestyle.

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Carl Decker

At 48 years old, Carl Decker is still a professional racer and is proof that bicycle racing can be a lifetime pursuit. Carl is a Downieville-winning legend, who has done more in off-road cycling than we could hope to encapsulate in any overview; so with over two decades riding for Giant Bicycles, we are thrilled to continue having his charisma, and experience representing our bikes.

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Adam Craig

Former XC racer turned trail builder, Adam has a long list of triumphs in the cycling world. Hailing from Maine, Adam's cultivation of riding in the northeast is exceptional - at Sugarloaf, Bethel, Mount Agamenticus or his home trails of Bangor - he is keeping the adventurous spirit of cycling alive and well.

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Stephan Davoust

With success at Grinduro, Downieville, and indeed at any XC or marathon style event, we are excited to have Stephan back on our team - this time as a gravel and XC ambassador.

"As a junior, there was a race in Telluride, Colorado. I was camping with my family and it rained all night before. I didn’t even want to race because of how cold and wet it was. But all my friends were doing it and I motivated to line up. Turned out to be the most fun mud-fest race. Racing in unique conditions with good friends is always blast!" - Stephan

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Reece Wallace

After experiencing the Red Bull Rampage event in Utah as part of the build crew for legendary freerider Brandon Semenuk, Canadian Reece Wallace got his first opportunity to compete there himself in 2015. Since then Reece has continued to compete, ride and create inspiring stories and videos about his mountain biking adventures around the world. He's also a licensed pilot and loves flying and exploring new terrain near his home in British Columbia.


Yuri Hauswald

With twenty-five years of cycling under his belt, Yuri Hauswald is a Petaluma local with a hankerin' for the wide open magesty of the Arizona deserts. His background in 24-hr solo racing, endurance challenges, and XC have all been part of his evolution as an athlete, despite his late start in Pro-level racing he went on to win Unbound Gravel at 44 years of age. Yuri's overall positvity, and his cycling stoke, make him an invaluable member of our team here at Giant Bicycles.

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Abi Robins

Abi (they/them) is a queer and non-binary author, speaker, and coach living in Austin, TX. During the pandemic Abi discovered cycling advocacy, and fell in love with the emergent gravel scene. With their first Unbound Gravel finish on the books, and a mission to make off-road cycling a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment for all - they operate www.QueerGravel.com and spread the joy of cycling with the help of Giant Bicycles.

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Destin Cantrell

Pushing the limits is nothing new to Destin, as a successful Pro FMX rider with X-Games Gold to his name, he calls Orange County, CA home. His profession requires a rigorous and regimented training schedule, which he maintains it by ripping his Trance X Advanced Pro E+ on his local trails.

Destin loves to spread the stoke and inclusivity of E-Bikes all over the US, and frequently leads group rides and clinics between his free-style motocross endevors, photography, and role as a father.

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Devin DeBruhl

A San Luis Obispo County local DeBruhl brings something authentic and refreshing to the scene. With an understated talent, mesmerizing style, and infectious enthusiasm for cycling, Devin transcends the mountain biker mould, riding and racing across several different disciplines. When he's not out ripping the trails, or exploring on his gravel bike - Devin works at a bike shop.

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Biju Thomas

Few things go together as well as bikes and food. Biju is the undisputed king of perfecting this combo as a co-author of the FeedZone cookbooks and a co-founder of the Boulder-based hydration and nutrition company SkratchLabs. Catch him rolling around Boulder and gravel events across the country aboard his Revolt Advanced!

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Alan Sangma

Whether on the lift, the trail, online or in-person, Alan combines a healthy dose  of humor, mindful discussion, and progressive self-development in what is a quintessential example of the changing culture around mountain biking. With his dynamic YouTube channel, and plenty of puns, it is plain to see how Alan is inspiring a joyful cycling community around his creativity, and Giant Bicycles is proud to support his cycling.

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Shawn Remy

Road riding is many things to many people, but for Shawn Remy the freedom a bicycle offers is an escape unlike any other. Shawn is more than just an athlete; he's a father, a fiancé, a mentor, and a passionate member of the cycling community. Shawn also manages a bike shop, and shares his enthusiastic love of the open road with cyclists every day.

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Kevin Day

Cycling is an all-inclusive journey, a common ground in which we all pedal, and Utah local Kevin Day loves capturing and documenting those stories from behind the lens. Whether traversing the slabs of Moab, or navigating the majesty of the Redwoods, Kevin fuses his adventurous mountain biking spirit with the grit and determination of a cyclocross racer to push himself to the next level.

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Lain Van Ogle

This Seattle based creator is a passionate mountain biker, and a digital nomad traveling the country full time capturing organic, authentic stories. Lain is allso a USA BMX National Champion, and two-time UCI World Champion.

"I'm passionate about capturing the spirit of the trails & biking community and sharing it with the world." - Lain Van Ogle

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Jorden Wakeley

Affectionately known as 'The Lumberjack' Jorden is a native of Michigan, and the tougher the conditions the better. Come rain, or mud, snow and freezing temperatures - he thrives on the adversity. A two-time Snowbike Worlds Champion, XC mountain biker, and avid gravel rider we are happy to have Jorden representing Giant Bicycles.

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