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At Giant we truly believe more people on bicycles is the path to helping individuals live healthier and happier lives. By supporting, maintaining, and building accessible bike paths, trail networks, and inclusive communities, we hope to continue spreading the joy of cycling.

Here are some organizations we are proud to support:

The Bahati Foundation

The Bahati Foundation provides support to inner-city youth in under-served communities through inspirational speaking engagements, cycling, bicycle donations, and educational outreach programs. These outreach programs are designed to motivate and empower youth toward higher achievement in education, and cycling. The Bahati Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.

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The Be Good™ Foundation

The Be Good™ Foundation’s mission is to enrich communities using the bicycle as a catalyst for healing, empowerment and evolution. The programs we support create opportunities for outdoor exploration, personal discovery and humanitarian service at local, national and global levels.

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Sprockids engages thousands of young people in the lifelong activity of mountain biking. By teaching off-road cycling skills to youngsters from ages 5 - 18 and engaging them in a healthy, productive program we ensure a new generation is discovering the joy of bicycles.

Designed to be all-inclusive, Sprockids believes being active and having fun should be a part of everyday life. The program aims to get young people and their parents to take part in a bicycle community.

Sprockids benefits youth all over the USA, and is opening new chapters - programs run by parents, teachers, coaches, cycling clubs, youth organizations, and law enforcement agencies making a difference in young people's lives.

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Trips for Kids

Marilyn Price started Trips for Kids in 1986.

Riding her mountain bike on Mount Tamalpais in Marin County, CA - Marilyn thought how wonderful it would be if all children everywhere could experience the joy of riding a bike, regardless of their ability to own a bicycle. Today, this non-profit operates in the US, Canada, Israel, and Sierra Leone and has opened the world of cycling to more than 124,000 at-risk youth through mountain bike rides and Earn-A-Bike programs. Giant has supplied bikes and gear to TFK for years, sharing Marilyn’s belief that every kid should discover the joy of mountain biking.

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Project Bike Tech

Project Bike Tech uses bicycle education as a conduit to teach core academics, enhance lives, create career opportunities and inspire new generations to be passionate about bikes.

Bike Tech in School, the primary program, is a credited high school elective that introduces students to bicycle industry careers, providing them with the skills needed to become entry-level bicycle mechanics and offering in-depth career counseling. In addition, the program uses bicycle mechanics as a tool to teach common CORE and STEM curriculum.

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Grow Cycling Foundation

Grow Cycling Foundation was established to create new avenues for inclusive community building and career development in the cycling industry as well as empower existing programs working to tear down the barriers to entry in cycling for marginalized communities.

In recognition that the cycling world is not immune from a culture of exclusivity and racism, the founders felt a need to help focus the call to action within their own community.



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