Road bike tires come in three options; clincher, tubeless, or tubular. Clinchers and tubeless tires are the most common found on a typical road bike. Road bike tires are faster rolling due to their narrow size and slick tread pattern. The typical standard width on road bikes has increased, with riders opting for wider tires and lower pressures for improved comfort, better grip in the corners, and lower rolling resistance. Some tires offer built-in puncture protection, although this increases weight and rolling resistance. Due to this, riders tend to switch bicycle tires between summer and winter to save their slicker faster tires for nicer weather.

Mountain bike tires come in various wheel sizes, with the most common being 26", 27.5" and 29". There's also a variety of tread patterns - the bigger and deeper the treads, the more grip you'll have to play with, however, the trade-off is increased weight and lower speeds than a slicker MTB tire. Therefore, it's essential to understand what kind of riding you'll be doing to pick the optimal tire.

We also have gravel and hybrid bike tires, so no matter what or where you ride, there's something in our range to get you more control and speed on two wheels.