Whether you’re sprinting, climbing and descending on the road, commuting home in the dark or smashing through some technical singletrack in the rain, Giant apparel is purpose-built for all riders in all conditions. Boosting performance by helping to regulate body temperature and keep the elements out, Giant Textura™ fabric technology helps you stay warm or cool, as well as dry and comfortable in even the most changeable conditions.

Giant apparel is designed around the three critical factors of rider comfort management: heat, moisture and airflow. From full waterproof capability to maximum breathability to optimal heat dissipation, all of our technical fabrics bring the highest performance level possible, allowing more riders everywhere to unleash their full performance.

Super lightweight, fast-drying and ultra-ventilated UV resistant fabric keeps you dry and comfortable in the heat.

TransTextura Fabric

Durable water-repellent and wind resistant laminate fabric engineered to fend off the windiest and rainiest conditions, while still maintaining outstanding breathability, helps your body regulate temperature in variable weather.

ProTextura Fabric
ProTextura Fabric

Exclusive synthetic fleece creates thermal pockets to help maintain comfortable body temperature.