BikeRadar on New TCR Advanced Pro Disc: "Lively and Confident"

11 серпня 2020 р.


BikeRadar published a feature review of the new TCR Advanced Pro Disc road bike, praising the composite all-rounder for its “lively ride quality and confident handling.” Technical writer Simon Bromley offered his initial impressions in the first of a series of reviews, giving it a near-perfect 4-star rating (out of 5).

Bromley chose the 2021 TCR Advanced Pro 2 Disc road bike for a long-term review that will take place over the next year. He explained his choice of this bike, noting that the TCR has long been at the forefront of road racing innovation, starting with the original 1995 design that introduced compact frame design to performance road bikes.

Bromley also noted that TCR bikes have earned many selections in BikeRadar’s Bike of the Year awards, and this newest version continues to push the limits of road performance:

“The 2021 TCR sees a welcome change in design parameters, with overhauled tube shapes and an increased focus on all-round efficiency,” he wrote. “Standing on the pedals for the first time the most immediately noticeable characteristics of this bike are its smoothness and confident handling, especially at speed. It’s very easy to feel at home on.”

Bromley went on to detail many of the new features and technologies, and how things went with his initial setup. “One great bonus was that the wheels came set up tubeless, with sealant added,” he wrote. “Well done, Giant. I initially pumped the tyres up to around 60/62psi (front/rear) but I’ll have to experiment with this to find the sweet spot for my local roads.”

The plan is for Bromley to post further reviews throughout the year as he spends more time on the bike. You can check out his initial impressions on the BikeRadar website, and also in this video.

And for all the details on the full new range of TCR road bikes, click here.


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