Extra travel, extra fun. From rowdy enduro runs to backcountry missions on steep, chunky singletrack, this new composite 29er builds on the Trance 29 platform with beefed up suspension and adjustable frame geometry.
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This full-composite, fully capable trail bike is engineered with a longer-travel Maestro suspension system and progressive geometry that you can fine tune with a flip chip to suit your riding style and terrain. Here’s a look at the key technologies in the new Trance X Advanced Pro 29.

Trance X Advanced Pro 29 with interactive tooltips


Технологія Advanced Composite
Технологія Advanced Forged Composite
Flip Chip - Maestro
Система амортизації Maestro
Головна труба рами MegaDrive
Каретка PowerCore
Безкамерні системи
360 View
Trance X Advanced Pro 29