Whether you ride for light fitness or love to go on longer weekend adventures, Giant’s EasyRide Tubeless is a user friendly tubeless tire set-up that lets you enjoy your rides in safety without the fear of punctures and flats.


Pinch Flat Resistance

If you have a standard tube and tire set-up and you hit an object, the impact can deform the tire and the object and the rim can be squeezed together enough to tear the tube. This results in what is known as a “pinch flat” or a “snake bite” puncture. Because the EasyRide Tubeless system doesn’t have an inner tube between the tire and the rim, pinch flats are a thing of the past, allowing you to focus on what really matters: the ride!

Puncture Resistance

With durable Giant-proprietary casings combined with Giant tubeless sealant inside the tire to seal small holes, ERT provides outstanding puncture resistance that significantly reduces your chances of losing control due to sudden air loss.

Easy Setup

The setup process of ERT Tires can be easier than fitting a standard clincher tire with an inner tube! There’s no complicated setup process to memorize, and the tire beads can be easily installed on the rim by hand and pumped up using a standard floor pump. After adding Giant Tubeless sealant for increased puncture resistance, you’re ready to ride!



Giant EasyRide Tubeless tires feature a unique structure that functions like an inner tube and is easy to pump up with a common floor pump. Because there’s no need to install an inner tube, there’s no risk of pinch flats due to incorrect tube placement. By adding Giant tubeless tire sealant into the tire to help fill small holes, puncture resistance is enhanced, allowing you to enjoy your ride in comfort and safety!

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EasyRide Tubeless