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Advanced Pro 1




Fast gravel is fun gravel. The race bike of choice for Giant gravel racing pros is superlight, smooth over rugged roads, and adaptable to all types of conditions and riding styles. Race it, ride it, love it.


Lightweight efficiency

Advanced composite frame and Advanced SL composite fork save a combined 200 grams compared to previous generation. Updated geometry includes a lower bottom bracket, longer reach, and steeper head tube angle for improved acceleration and climbing.

Tuned compliance

A lowered seatstay junction with smaller diameter tubes absorbs road shocks and vibrations. The Contact SLR XR D-Fuse carbon handlebar and D-Fuse seatpost work as a system to optimize compliance without sacrificing stiffness while cornering, sprinting and climbing.

Adaptable to the terrain

A flip chip on the rear dropout adjusts the wheelbase: short for quicker handling, or long for improved stability at speed. The long setting also allows for larger diameter tires up to 53mm. You can choose the included D-Fuse SLR composite seatpost for maximum compliance, or switch to a 30.9mm round or dropper post.


Advanced Composite 超高性能專業競技等級碳纖技術
Advanced SL Composite 最高殿堂職業競賽等級碳纖技術
D-Fuse 順應減震科技
OverDrive 加大車首設計
Tubeless System 無內胎外胎系統



Selection of a button will change the units measurement displayed throughout the entire sizing guide section.
  • XS
      155 cm5’1”  to 166 cm5’5”
  • S
      159 cm5’3”  to 171 cm5’7”
  • M
      169 cm5’7”  to 181 cm5’11”
  • ML
      174 cm5’9”  to 186 cm6’1”
  • L
      179 cm5’10”  to 191 cm6’3”
  • XL
      189 cm6’2”  to 200 cm6’7”
bike diagram with measurements referenced in table that follows
Selection of a button will change the units measurement displayed throughout the entire sizing guide section.
A座(立)管長 (mm) (inch)43016.945017.747018.549019.351020.153020.9
B座(立)管角度 (degrees)74.0°73.5°73.5°73.0°73.0°73.0°
C上管長度 (mm) (inch)54021.355021.75602257522.65852360023.6
D頭管長度 (mm) (inch)1254.91355.31505.91656.51807.11957.7
E頭管角度 (degrees)70.0°71.0°71.5°72.0°72.0°72.0°
F前叉 (mm) (inch)502502502502502502
GTrail (mm) (inch)783.1 | 823.2722.8 | 753682.7 | 722.8652.6 | 682.7652.6 | 682.7652.6 | 682.7
H前後輪距 (mm) (inch)102440.3 | 103440.7102040.2 | 103040.6102640.4 | 103640.8103140.6 | 104141104141 | 105141.4105641.6 | 106642
I後下叉長度 (mm) (inch)42516.7 | 43517.142516.7 | 43517.142516.7 | 43517.142516.7 | 43517.142516.7 | 43517.142516.7 | 43517.1
J五通下降高度 (mm) (inch)803.1 | 813.2803.1 | 813.2803.1 | 813.2803.1 | 813.2803.1 | 813.2803.1 | 813.2
K頭碗至五通高度 (mm) (inch)55621.957022.458623.160223.761624.363024.8
L頭碗至五通長度 (mm) (inch)381153811538715.239115.439715.640716
M上管至地面高度 (mm) (inch)72428.5 | 73128.874029.1 | 74729.475729.8 | 76430.177430.5 | 78030.779131.1 | 79731.480731.8 | 81432
N把手寬 (mm) (inch)42016.542016.544017.344017.346018.146018.1
O龍頭長度 (mm) (inch)502602.4702.8803.1803.1903.5
P曲柄長度 (mm) (inch)1706.71706.7172.56.8172.56.81756.91756.9
Q輪組尺寸 700C700C700C700C700C700C
  • 尺寸
    XS, S, M, M/L, L, XL
  • 顏色
    Black Currant
  • 車架
    Advanced-Grade Composite, 12x142mm thru-axle, disc, flip chip dropout
  • 前叉
    Advanced SL-Grade Composite, full-composite OverDrive steerer, 12mm thru-axle, disc
  • 避震器
  • 車把手
    Giant Contact SLR XR D-Fuse, 31.8mm XS:42cm, S:42cm, M:44cm, M/L:44cm, L:46cm, XL:46cm
  • 把手帶/套
    Stratus Lite 3.0
  • 豎桿
    Giant Contact, 8-degree XS:50mm, S:60mm, M:70mm, M/L:80mm, L:80mm, XL:90mm
  • 座桿
    Giant D-Fuse SLR, composite, -5/+15mm offset
  • 坐墊
    Giant Approach SL
  • 踏板
  • 變速把手
    SRAM Rival eTap AXS, 2x12
  • 前變速器
    SRAM Rival eTap AXS
  • 後變速器
    SRAM Rival eTap AXS
  • 煞車系統
    SRAM Rival eTap AXS hydraulic, SRAM PaceLine rotors [F]160mm, [R]160mm
  • 煞車把手
    SRAM Rival eTap AXS hydraulic
  • 飛輪
    SRAM Rival, 12-speed, 10x36
  • 鍊條
    SRAM Rival D1
  • 大齒盤
    SRAM Rival D1 DUB, 30/43 XS:170mm, S:170mm, M:172.5mm, M/L:172.5mm, L:175mm, XL:175mm
  • Bottom Bracket (B B)
    SRAM DUB, press fit
  • 輪圈
    Giant CXR 1 Carbon Disc WheelSystem, [F] 35mm, [R] 35mm
  • 花鼓
    [F] Giant AR alloy, CenterLock, 12mm thru-axle, [R] Giant AR alloy, DT350 36t ratchet system, CenterLock, 12mm thru-axle
  • 輻條
    Sapim CX-Ray
  • 外胎
    CADEX AR, 700x40c, tubeless
  • 其他
    tubeless prepared, 53mm max tire size in "long" flip chip position, 45mm max tire size in "short" flip chip position
  • 重量