The optimized carbon laminate in the all-new Giant TRX WheelSystem creates an advanced rim structure combining the perfect balance of weight, compliance and strength. The result is fast and efficient acceleration and climbing plus vastly improved compliance and impact resistance on the descents.


Enhanced Strength

Hookless Design enhances the overall strength and improves the consistency of the carbon structure and the Rim Bead Reinforcement helps to disperse impact loads and enhance the overall toughness for any technical descent.

Optimized Weight

A Refined Inner Shape creates a tougher rim structure and the Precise Spoke Hole Reinforcement places strength where it is needed; tougher structure is accomplished without adding additional weight.

Efficiency and Control

Combining our Dynamic Balanced Lacing to enhance transmission stiffness with Optimal Inner Width to improve overall stability results in better efficiency with pinpoint control.


Öne Çikanlar

Attack the trail with total confidence. Giant's totally re-designed rim structure and optimized carbon laminate combine with proven Dynamic Balanced Lacing to create wheels that are light enough to conquer the steepest climbs, yet strong enough to attack the most technical descents with pinpoint control.

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