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Get fit and get fast on this lightweight aluminum road bike. From city commutes to training rides, SCR is quick and nimble.

Built with a lightweight ALUXX aluminum frame featuring performance-oriented front-end geometry, the SCR is a great choice for a fitness routine or riding to work every day. The stiff chassis and sharp-handling geometry is balanced out by the D-Fuse seatpost design, which absorbs road shocks and vibrations to give you a smoother ride. The frame includes integrated mounts for fenders or racks, so you can easily carry your essentials.


Versatile road performance

The frame is engineered for a balanced, all-rounder feel that blends confident rider positioning with agile cornering and acceleration.

Smooth ride quality

Innovative D-Fuse composite seatpost absorbs road shocks and vibrations for a smooth ride quality that improves comfort and minimizes fatigue.

Easy to accessorize

Features integrated mounts for racks and fenders so you can carry essentials and protect yourself from road spray in wet winter weather.

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BedenlerXS, S, M, L
RenklerBlack / Pure Red / Charcoal, Neon Green / Black
KadroALUXX-Grade Aluminum
Gidonalloy drop, 31.8
Gidon Boğazıalloy, 31.8
Sele Borusualuminum
Pedallarpedal with toe clip and strap
Vites KollariShimano Claris
Ön AttiriciShimano Claris
Arka AktarıcıShimano Claris
Fren KollariShimano Claris
Arka DisliShimano CS-HG50, 11x28
ZincirKMC Z72
AynakolPro-Wheel, 34/50
Orta Göbekcartridge
Göbeksealed bearing
Jant Telleristainless
LastiklerGiant S-R4, front and rear specific, 700x25
AğırlıkÇoğu zaman aklımızdan çıkardığımız şey bisikletin belli bir mühendislik çalışma sonucu üretildiğidir. Özellikle bisikletin kadro geometrisinin önemi ve harcanan mühendislikten haberiniz yoksa her zaman daha hafif bir bisiklete yönelmeniz normaldir. İşte bu mühendislik çalışması sonucu aynı ağırlıkta 2 farklı bisikletin neden birisinin daha iyi gittiği sorusunu cevabıdır.

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Sizing Guide and Geometry

Sizing to be used as a reference only. Please check with a local authorized Liv or Giant dealer to determine the correct size.
Available sizes may vary from country to country.

bike diagram
Sele Borusu Uzunlugu (mm) (inch)41016,144517,548018,951520,353521,156522,2
Sele Borusu Açisi (degrees)74,5°74,0°73,5°73,0°73,0°72,5°
Üst Boru Uzunlugu (mm) (inch)51020,153020,954521,55602257522,659523,4
Alin Borusu Uzunlugu (mm) (inch)1254,91455,71656,51907,52108,32309,1
Alin Borusu Açisi (degrees)71,0°72,0°72,5°72,5°72,5°72,5°
Fork Rake (mm) (inch)451,8451,8451,8451,8451,8451,8
Trail (mm) (inch)702,8642,5602,4602,4602,4602,4
Teker mesafesi (mm) (inch)97338,397938,598538,899739,3101239,8102740,4
Çeki Borusu Uzunlugu (mm) (inch)41016,141016,141016,141016,141016,141016,1
Orta Göbek Yatagi (mm) (inch)702,8702,8702,8652,6652,6652,6
Stack (mm) (inch)52320,654621,556722,358623,160523,862424,6
Reach (mm) (inch)36514,437314,737714,83811539015,439815,7
Üst boru yüksekligi (mm) (inch)6872771728,274529,377930,779731,482232,4
Gidon uzunlugu (mm) (inch)40015,740015,742016,542016,544017,344017,3
Gidon Bogazi uzunlugu (mm) (inch)803,1903,51003,91003,91104,31104,3
Aynakol Uzunlugu (mm) (inch)1656,51706,7172,56,8172,56,81756,91756,9
Teker boyu 700C700C700C700C700C700C


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