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Chaotické štarty, bitka o čo najlepšiu pozíciu, prudké stúpania a technické zjazdy. Pretekárske XC je disciplína, kde sa adrenalín stretáva s vytrvalosťou aj výbušnosťou a tento úplne nový superľahký pretekársky XC hardtail vám pomôže dostať sa na čelo pretekárskeho pelotónu!


When it comes to pure XC racing speed and performance, nothing beats the efficiency of a lightweight composite hardtail. The new XtC Advanced SL 29 builds on its World Cup pedigree with a totally reengineered frame that represents the lightest off-road machine we’ve ever built. The superlight chassis is handcrafted with pro-level Advanced SL composite, featuring geometry that’s optimized for its balanced, stable and fast-rolling 29-inch wheels. Each one is custom assembled with a specific composite layup schedule that varies according to frame size. The result? Supercharged climbing efficiency, smooth compliance through roots, rocks and ruts, and uncompromising performance to match your XC obsession.

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Advanced SL Composite Technology
Tubeless System
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XTC Advanced SL 29