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Modely TCR Advanced Pro sú určené ako na preteky, tak aj pre výkonnostných cestných cyklistov, ktorí síce nejazdia na čas, ale napriek tomu vyžadujú rýchly bicykel so závodnou geometriou a súčasne vysokou mierou pohodlia. V ponuke sú modely s ráfkovými a s kotúčovými brzdami (označený "Disc").


With its Advanced-grade composite frame, which minimizes weight without sacrificing best-in-class stiffness, the TCR Advanced Pro puts you in position to win. Legendary Compact Road race geometry blends quick, precise handling with aggressive positioning, and the OverDrive 2 front end delivers razor-sharp steering performance. Our tubeless WheelSystem delivers speed and efficiency with a smoother ride and a reduced risk of flats, and the Variant seatpost reduces overall weight and gives it a race-tuned feel. It’s a well-rounded machine that flies from start to finish.

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Technológia Advanced Composite
Compact Road Design
OverDrive 2
Variant Seatpost