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Propel Advanced Pro Disc

BUDÚCNOSŤ AERO GEOMETRIE. Ľahký, tuhý a takmer neviditeľný proti vetru, plus väčšia kontrola s kotúčovými brzdami.


Extensive CFD analysis and dynamic wind-tunnel testing were used to optimize every frame tube and angle in a process called AeroSystem Shaping technology. The frame is handcrafted using Advanced-grade composite material to produce a bike that’s lightweight and stiff, with a sharp, responsive ride quality. Disc brakes are integrated with the frame using flat-mount calipers, thru-axles and an asymmetric fork to maximize aerodynamic performance. From sprints to solo attacks, cornering and descents, the new Propel Advanced Pro Disc helps you slice through the wind and gain an advantage on the competition. Here's a look at its key technologies/ 

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