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Propel Advanced Disc

v útoku, v šprinte, alebo v zákrutách pri vysokej rýchlosti. Aero rýchlosť s úplnou kontrolou na tomto celkom novom kotúčovom sólo jazdcovi.


This all-new aero road bike minimizes drag so you can accelerate and sprint faster. It also introduces full disc-brake integration for more confidence and control in all types of weather and conditions. Engineered with AeroSystem Shaping technology and Advanced-grade composite, it delivers proven aero performance and one of the lightest frames in its category. New integrated disc brake technology includes flat-mount calipers and thru-axles for wheel stiffness and streamlined performance. The lightweight, easily adjustable Vector composite seatpost further minimizes drag. Here are the key technologies of the all-new Propel Advanced: 

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