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Revolt X
Advanced Pro 1

71 990 SEK


Washboard descents, sketchy dirt, gravel and rocks of all shapes and sizes. You never know what you’ll get on a gravel ride. This new composite gravel machine features a suspension fork and engineered compliance to help you float through all of it with speed and control.

Key Performance Factors

Smooth control

Composite frameset is designed specifically for front suspension. With 40mm of travel, the fork absorbs bumps and impacts so you can ride smoother and faster over rugged gravel and dirt.

Tuned compliance

Lowered seatstays with smaller diameter tubes absorb road shocks and vibrations. A Contact SL XR D-Fuse handlebar adds more compliance without sacrificing the stiffness needed for cornering, sprinting or climbing.

Adaptable to the terrain

A flip chip on the rear dropout adjusts the wheelbase: short for quicker handling, or long for improved stability at speed. The long setting also allows for larger diameter tires up to 53mm. You can use the included dropper/suspension seatpost for added capabilities, or switch to a proprietary D-Fuse seatpost or traditional 30.9mm round seatpost.


The Advanced composite frameset is designed with suspension-optimized geometry and paired with a 40mm travel fork, delivering a smooth, controlled ride quality on rugged gravel and dirt. A flip chip on the rear dropout lets you adjust the wheelbase and increase tire clearance up to 53mm. You can use the included dropper post, switch to a proprietary Giant D-Fuse seatpost for added compliance, or use a standard 30.9mm round seatpost. A Contact SL XR D-Fuse handlebar further minimizes fatigue by absorbing shocks and vibrations.

Revolt X Advanced Pro with interactive tooltips


Advanced Composite Technology
D-Fuse Technology
Flip Chip - Dropout
Tubeless System

Storleks guide samt Geometri

Storlek är att använda endast som referens. Besök en auktoriserad Giant eller Liv återförsäljare för att bedöma rätt storlek. Tillgängliga storlekar kan variera från land till land.

Selection of a button will change the units measurement displayed throughout the entire sizing guide section.
  • XS
      155 cm5’1”  to 166 cm5’5”
  • S
      159 cm5’3”  to 171 cm5’7”
  • M
      169 cm5’7”  to 181 cm5’11”
  • ML
      174 cm5’9”  to 186 cm6’1”
  • L
      179 cm5’10”  to 191 cm6’3”
  • XL
      189 cm6’2”  to 200 cm6’7”
bike diagram with measurements referenced in table that follows
Selection of a button will change the units measurement displayed throughout the entire sizing guide section.
ASeat Tube Length (mm) (inch)43016,945017,747018,549019,351020,153020,9
BSeat Tube Angle (degrees)74,0° | 73,9°73,5° | 73,4°73,5° | 73,4°73,0° | 72,9°73,0° | 72,9°73,0° | 72,9°
CTop Tube Length (mm) (inch)54321,455321,85602257522,65852360023,6
DHead Tube Length (mm) (inch)903,51003,91154,51305,11455,71606,3
EHead Tube Angle (degrees)70,5° | 70,4°71,0° | 70,9°71,5° | 71,4°72,0° | 71,9°72,0° | 71,9°72,0° | 71,9°
FFork Rake (mm) (inch)502502502502502502
GTrail (mm) (inch)80,33,1 | 83,73,376,93 | 80,33,173,52,9 | 76,8370,12,8 | 73,42,970,12,8 | 73,42,970,12,8 | 73,42,9
HWheelbase (mm) (inch)102340,3 | 103340,7102440,3 | 103440,7102640,4 | 103640,8103140,6 | 104141104141 | 105141,4105741,6 | 106742
IChain Stay Length (mm) (inch)42516,7 | 43517,142516,7 | 43517,142516,7 | 43517,142516,7 | 43517,142516,7 | 43517,142516,7 | 43517,1
JVevlager (mm) (inch)682,7 | 692,7682,7 | 692,7682,7 | 692,7682,7 | 692,7682,7 | 692,7682,7 | 692,7
KStack (mm) (inch)54921,65602257622,759223,360723,962124,4
LReach (mm) (inch)38615,238715,238915,339315,539915,741016,1
MStand Over Height (mm) (inch)71428,1 | 72028,373428,9 | 7372975029,5 | 75629,876730,2 | 77330,478530,9 | 79231,280331,6 | 81031,9
NBredd Styre (mm) (inch)44017,344017,346018,146018,148018,948018,9
OLängd Styrstam (mm) (inch)502602,4702,8803,1803,1803,1
PVevarmslängd (mm) (inch)1706,71706,7172,56,8172,56,81756,91756,9
QHjulstorlek 700C700c700c700c700c700c
  • Storlek
    XS, S, M, M/L, L, XL
  • Färg
    Cordovan/Copper Coin
  • Ram
    Advanced-Grade Composite, 12x142mm thru-axle, disc, flip chip dropout
  • Framgaffel
    RockShox Rudy Ultimate XPLR, 40mm, Charger Race Day damper 12x100mm thru-axle
  • Bakdämpare
  • Styre
    Giant Contact SL XR D-Fuse, 16-degree flare XS:44cm, S:44cm, M:46cm, M/L:46cm, L:48cm, XL:48cm
  • Grips
    Stratus Lite 3.0
  • Styrstam
    Giant Contact, 8-degree XS:50mm, S:60mm, M:70mm, M/L:80mm, L:80mm, XL: 80mm
  • Sadelstolpe
    Postmodern, dropper, 30.9mm with 30mm of suspension XS:365mm / 75mm drop S:415mm / 100mm drop M:415mm / 100mm drop M/L: 415mm / 100mm drop L:415mm / 100mm drop XL: 415mm / 100mm drop
  • Sadel
    Giant Approach SL
  • Pedaler
  • Växelreglage
    SRAM Rival eTap AXS, 1x12
  • Framväxel
  • Bakväxel
    SRAM GX Eagle AXS
  • Bromsar
    SRAM Rival eTap AXS hydraulic, SRAM PaceLine rotors [F]160mm, [R]160mm
  • Broms handtag
    SRAM Rival eTap AXS hydraulic
  • Kassette
    SRAM XG-1275, 12-speed, 10x52
  • Kedja
    SRAM GX Eagle
  • Vevparti
    SRAM Rival D1 DUB, 40t XS:170mm, S:170mm, M:172.5mm, M/L:172.5mm, L:175mm, XL:175mm
  • Vevlager
    SRAM DUB, press fit
  • Fälgar
    Giant CXR X1 Carbon Disc WheelSystem, [F] 25.8mm, [R] 25.8mm
  • Nav
    [F] Giant CXR X alloy, CenterLock, 12mm thru-axle [R] Giant CXR X alloy, 60t ratchet driver, CenterLock, 12mm thru-axle
  • Ekrar
    Sapim Laser
  • Däck
    Giant CrossCut Grip 1, 700x45c, tubeless
  • Extra
    tubeless prepared, 53mm max tire size in "long" flip chip position, 45mm max tire size in "short" flip chip position
  • Vikt
    Det mest exakta sättet att bestämma cykelns vikt är att låta din lokala återförsäljare väga den åt dig. Många märken strävar efter att lista den lägsta möjliga vikten, men i verkligheten kan vikten variera beroende på storlek, finish, hårdvara och tillbehör. Alla våra cyklar är designade för klassens bästa vikt och körkvalitet.

Alla specifikationer kan ändras utan varsel.


Alla specifikationer kan ändras utan varsel.