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Since it was first introduced in 2006, the Giant Glory has been pushing the limits of gravity-fueled mountain bike progression. A lot has changed since that first-generation Glory, which had 26-inch wheels, an aluminum frameset, and a burly build that was designed to withstand the punishment of pro DH racing.

Now comes the fifth generation of Glory. It’s totally reengineered from the ground up to give DH racers a competitive edge. Built on a full-composite frameset with multiple ways to adjust and dial in its geometry, its handling and the rear wheel size, the all-new Glory Advanced embodies the here and now of cutting-edge DH performance.

The heart of the Glory Advanced is a lightweight, super-strong chassis that’s handcrafted with Advanced-grade composite. This is the first time a full-composite Glory is available to consumers, and at just 3200 grams (S/M frameset), it’s lighter, stiffer and quicker than previous generations.


One of the defining traits of this new Glory is an ability to adjust angles, dimensions and wheel size options to suit individual riding style and terrain. This adjustability is made possible with three different flip chips.


The High position raises ground clearance and steepens the head tube and seat tube angles, which results in quick and responsive handling. This is a good choice for riding smoother, faster singletrack in the mixed wheel “mullet” setup. The Mid position is the most versatile and most often used by Giant Factory Off-Road Team DH riders. The Low position is a good choice for the steepest, most technical descents and well suited for stable handling when riding 29-inch wheels front and rear.


The second adjustment point is a two-position flip chip on the rear dropout that changes the wheelbase and rear-center measurement. The Short position results in a quicker, more agile ride quality and is a great option for tight, twisty terrain. The tighter wheelbase and rear-center makes for responsive steering and flickable handling. The Long position, on the other hand, extends the wheelbase and rear-center for better control at high speeds. This setting boosts chassis stability on more open and fast DH tracks with longer straightaways and fast cornering.


The third adjustment is a new modular three-position flip chip at the headset area that lets riders adjust the reach in 5mm increments to Short (-5mm), Mid (0mm) or Long (+5mm). The Short position puts the headset closest to the rider for a more upright position that’s good for tight, technical downhill terrain. The Mid position offers a neutral reach for well-balanced handling on changing terrain. The Long position creates a more stretched out rider position for a planted feel.


Giant engineers took great care in perfecting the delicate balance of anti-squat, anti-rise, axle path, and leverage ratio. Learn more about the intricacies of anti-squat, which counteracts unwanted suspension movement during pedaling; anti-rise, which resists brake dive; and the wheel path and leverage ratio characteristics that determine how the bike handles rough terrain.

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