Электро велосипед GIANT Explore E+ нового поколения, с системой ассиста до 25 км/ч, позволит вам гораздо быстрее поднятья в гору и намного дольше наслаждаться катанием и не испытывать усталость.
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The new Explore E+ is engineered to help you make the most of every journey. The ALUXX SL aluminum frame features a step-through design, making it easier to mount and dismount while carrying bags or panniers. Its powerful and tunable SyncDrive motor and integrated EnergyPak provide a smooth, seamless boost of power so you can cover greater distances and conquer steep climbs. Its integrated rack mounts allow you to customize your cargo capacity, making it easier to carry the essentials for journeys near and far.

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ALUXX SL Aluminum Technology
Hybrid Cycling Technology
RideControl Ergo
RideDash Evo
Smart Assist