Tracking your power output and training data has never been easier. The all-new Power Pro system from Giant delivers accurate information with an integrated system that’s precise, reliable and simple to set up. The most effective training is smart training, so start training with power.

Extreme Quality Test

  • Battery Life: 150 hrs +
  • UV Test: 575 w/m2
  • Storage Temperature Test: -4° to 175° F (-20° to 79°C)
  • Working Temperature Test: 14° to 122° F (-10° to 50°C)
  • Salt Spray Test: 72 hrs +
  • 1800n Fatigue Test: 200,000 Cycles
  • 1G vibration acceleration test: 50,000 Cycles
  • Waterproof: IPX7
  • Impact test (Drive side Power Pro): 100 Kilograms



This fully integrated, dual-sided power meter measures power output and delivers accurate data to help you track, analyze and improve your performance on the bike. Engineered with multi-axis left and right crank arm sensors, the Power Pro displays vital information including power (watts), pedal balance, force angle and cadence. The meter pairs with the Giant NeosTrack GPS computer and is also compatible with other popular ANT+ head units. Its battery lasts up to 150 hours (or 1500 miles) of riding on a single charge and is easy to re-charge. An LED indicator on the crankarm-mounted Power Pro displays the battery level, or you can view it using the Giant RideLink app. The app also lets you update firmware and calibrate the Power Pro before each ride.

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