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Handlebar integration is one of the most important features on Giant E-bikes. Our latest RideDash units feature improved graphics and displays, better ergonomics and other options including internal handlebar cable routing possibilities. Here’s a look at the latest RideDash units.

Display Units

RideDash Evo

The RideDash EVO is completely revised for 2021. It has a sportier outlook with a full-color display and graphics showing new functionalities to enhance the E-bike riding experience. It has handlebar/stem integration options and a reliable, wired connection. The low-profile screen shows ride information including speed, distance, battery range and navigation.

  • Full Color Display
  • Integrated Design
  • Wired Connection
  • Internal Cables

RideDash Plus

For our E-bikes equipped with RideControl One ANT+ or with Smart Gateway technology, the RideDash Plus unit can be used as an additional display. It shows important information including range, battery level and support mode along with standard cycling data like speed, distance and trip information. The RideDash Plus offers a larger screen and more modern design compared to the RideDash.

  • Easy to Read
  • Modern Design

Quick Start Guide