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Bicycling Australia: Propel Advanced Pro Disc "All About Speed"!


Bicycling Australia posted a new review of the 2018 Propel Advanced Pro Disc, praising the aero road bike and calling it “a fast machine ideal for the powerful rider or rouleur looking to convert every watt and give none away to the wind.”

Editor Gary Hunt details all the new technologies in the disc-brake aero road machine, from its aero engineered frame to its integrated components, and describes how these innovations affect the bike’s performance on the road.

With a short 165mm headtube (M/L) it'll coax you into a more aero riding position which in itself will add a couple of kph to your average speed,” Hunt wrote. “And it's this sensation of speed that is so satisfying, almost addictive, and increasingly I found myself looking forward to more time on the road.”

Hunt also reported on the bike’s integrated components including the Contact SLR aero handlebar and Contact SLR Aero WheelSystem, and how they factor into the bike’s overall efficiency on the road.“The 42mm front, 65mm rear will help you attain a good personal top speed through a mix of aerodynamic efficiency and flywheel effect,” he wrote. “Giant has fitted its Gavia Race 1 tubeless tires to the Propel. The upside of the soft Gavia tires is they are sticky and provide good grip while cornering and braking. Leaning the Propel into corners in my local test descent was something of a revelation. I attributed this increased level of confidence and speed to the combination of sublime braking, and the Propel's exceptionally stiff cohort of frame, fork, bars and wheels, along with the sticky Gavia tires.”

Summing up his findings, Hunt wrote: “I am very impressed with this bike and I enjoyed my time with it immensely. It performs so well on flat and rolling terrain, climbs without complaint and descends exceptionally well.

For more, check out the full review on the Bicycling Australia website.

And for all the details on the full 2018 Propel Disc range, click here.


16 martie 2018