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Giant engineers took great care in perfecting the delicate balance of anti-squat, anti-rise, axle path, and leverage ratio. These critical elements lie at the foundation of the Glory Advanced, shaping how power is transferred, how braking forces are managed, and how the bike interacts with the ever-changing terrain. The following four charts delve into the intricacies of anti-squat, which counteracts unwanted suspension movement during pedaling, anti-rise, which resists brake dive, and the wheel path and leverage ratio characteristics that determine how the bike absorbs impacts and handles rough terrain.


The Glory Advanced features the right amount of anti-rise capability to combat brake dive.


Maestro Suspension Technology allows for complete suspension activity whether under pedaling forces or coasting down the steepest terrain.

Axle Path

The Glory Advanced features a highly updated axle path, providing the right amount of initial rearward deflection, then progressing into a highly efficient, near-vertical wheel path

Leverage Ratio

A highly revised leverage ratio feels softer off the top, progressing steadily through its mid-stroke, then finishing with smooth bottom-out performance.