Contact SLR Upright


Liv’s new line of performance saddles uses our Dynamic Cycling Fit philosophy to help you find the perfect fit for your body, your position and your riding style. Every Contact SLR model is available in two different options (Forward or Upright) based on the unique contact angle of a rider’s pelvis while riding (women tend to have a U-shaped pelvis resulting in two defined Pelvis conditions). Contact SLR features carbon fibre rails, Particle Flow Technology to reduce pressure points all weighing in at just 180g.


  • Dynamic Cycling Fit-sadeludvælgelsesproces — enkel, omfattende, visuelle resultater, der præcist viser, hvor en rytter sidder i sadlen, og hvilken form der er bedst
  • Strategisk placeret partikelflowteknologi
  • Vakuumformet holdbart mikrofiberovertræk af høj kvalitet
  • Materialespecifikation til store præstationer
  • Base af kompositmateriale, kulfiberskinner


Recognizing the importance of proper saddle fit, Giant created a platform that considers the unique and variable conditions of a cyclist’s connection to the saddle while riding. We call this philosophy Dynamic Cycling Fit. Whether you choose road, XC, trail, enduro or downhill you will experience the comfort of a saddle that feels like it was made just for you.

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