SyncDrive Pro is co-developed with Yamaha and optimized for Giant’s Maestro Suspension Technology. Its performance and riding characteristics are tuned specifically for trail riding. The motor is highly responsive to torque input from the rider, which makes it ideal for quick adjustments to the amount of pedaling support needed for the rider and the terrain.


Weighing just 2.75kg, it is the lightest E-bike motor ever from Yamaha, with a powerful torque of 85Nm. Like all Giant motors, the SyncDrive Pro is equipped with Smart Assist. A narrow Q factor, the distance between a rider’s two feet while pedaling, creates a natural, comfortable riding position. SyncDrive Pro also features an intelligent Walk Assist mode. It doesn’t simply provide power to push the bike forward; it delivers just enough power to get you moving over any obstacle while pushing the E-bike, keeping you in full control at all times.

SyncDrive Pro with interactive tooltips