No matter what type of off-road terrain you ride, Giant’s Maestro Suspension helps you make the most of your efforts. Control, traction, comfort, speed — Maestro offers all levels of riders the benefits of pure suspension performance. From fast and efficient XC bikes to long-travel downhill machines, Maestro is an adaptable full-suspension platform that delivers smooth, active rear suspension for all types of trails and conditions.

Trunnion Mount

Found on the 2019 Anthem, Trance and Reign off-road bikes, this new shock mount design further improves the performance of Maestro Suspension. Working with our key suspension suppliers, we created the new mount to produce three core benefits (points 4,5,6 above) for riders.

Key Performance Factors

Pedaling Efficiency

Whether you’re sprinting up a climb or hammering through a rock garden, Maestro Suspension performs consistently under pedaling power and doesn’t compromise efficiency.

Complete Suspension Activity

From high-frequency trail vibrations to big-hit compressions, Maestro Suspension soaks up the full spectrum of trail impacts.

Total Brake Independence

Even under full-braking force, Maestro Suspension stays active and gives you better control.


How It Works

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