Stance 29 a Favorite in The Loam Wolf Budget Bike Shootout

25 de junho de 2020


The Loam Wolf mountain bike website posted a “Budget Bike Shootout” feature that looks at five full-suspension trail bikes costing less than $2000. The Giant Stance 29 1 made the list and impressed testers with its FlexPoint suspension and its overall performance on the trail.

The Stance 29 was the favorite of tester Drew Rohde, who put the bike to the test on the trails of Bend, Oregon. And editors claimed they were impressed by the bike’s all-rounder performance: “Over the course of our test period all of our testers grew to love the Giant Stance and found it one of the most fun bikes in our Sub-$2000 Shootout. We all gave the Giant Stance major kudos for suspension spec, feel and climbing performance.”

Compared to the other bikes in the test, the Stance 29 stood out on the climbs. “The Giant climbs quite well, offering a lot of traction and support for riders who like to climb rough and bumpy trails,” they wrote. “The 75-degree seat tube angle puts riders in an efficient climbing position while the steepish 67.5-degree head tube angle keeps the handling precise and snappy while navigating terrain.”

Testers also found the Stance 29 to be just as fun on the descents: “The bike is certainly one of the most fun and playful in the bunch and we absolutely loved it on the jump trails. When it came to jumpy, flow trails, the Giant Stance effortlessly went into orbit and could be moved around mid-air. Landings were smooth and composed, unlike some bikes that had ‘simple’ or unrefined feeling suspension.”

Summing it up, Loam Wolf claimed: “To put it simply, the Giant Stance 29-1 feels like a bike that should cost more than it does. It is a real value when it comes to the ride quality and performance you get for $1,800.”

For more check out the full review at You can also check out their Sub-$2000 Budget Mountain Bike Shootout, including a video.

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