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High Marks From CyclingTips on Propel Advanced Pro Disc!


The CyclingTips website first reported on the all-new Propel Disc range of aero bikes when it was launched last summer, and now they have had a few months to test one of their own. Reviewer David Rome offers a comprehensive analysis of the Propel Advanced Pro Disc model, summing it all up with a strong overall score of 8.2 in the website’s “CTech Rating.”

Describing the AeroSystem Shaping Technology that forms the heart of the Propel Advanced Pro Disc, Rome wrote, “The new profiles are still deep and narrow this time around, but now have truncated tails. Switching to a truncated design effectively made all of the tubes wider and stiffer without increasing drag.”  

The review covers all of the details that went into the bike’s aero engineering, and also some of the component highlights, including its integrated disc brakes and Giant WheelSystem. “Giant found that deeper rims are faster to a point, but they also hold obvious compromises in real-world conditions when instability in crosswinds can effectively make them slower,” Rome wrote. “To overcome this, Giant sacrificed some aerodynamic performance in favor of a staggered rim setup that uses a shallower 42mm-deep front wheel with the 65mm rear wheel.”

Rome also covered some of the details of his experience with the Propel Advanced Pro Disc, including things like cockpit adjustability. “It’s certainly simpler to adjust the handlebar position, or work on overall, as compared to the likes of the Trek Madone or Specialized Venge Disc,” he wrote.

As for the ride, Rome writes: “There’s no denying the Propel is an extremely fast bike, and one that’s capable of providing an edge when the finish line is within sight. Straight out of the box, it offers everything you need to sign on, pin on a number, and line up.”

For more, check out the full review on

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10 kwietnia 2018