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Bible of Bike Tests Calls Reign Advanced "Incredibly Good"!


Bike magazine published its annual “Bible of Bike Tests,” and the new Reign Advanced trail/enduro bike landed a place in the 2018 edition. Bike’s team of test riders put the composite machine through its paces on some aggressive trails in northern Michigan, and they came away impressed, especially with the way it handles steep, fast descents.

“Once we started descending, the updates to the new Reign came together,” wrote Bike gear editor Travis Engel. “Our test laps included multiple steep rockrolls and one straight-but-chunky brakeless tunnel of love that got more and more treacherous as its obstacles became concealed by the falling autumn leaves. But the Reign didn’t care. It floated through those minefields as if it had more travel than advertised.”

Engel explained that the latest Reign was developed for and with Giant Factory Off-Road Team pros racing the Enduro World Series, and he highlighted some of the latest updates to its Maestro suspension system.

“Giant utilized a forged composite manufacturing process, which allowed increased strength, reduced weight and improved suspension performance by way of reducing side-loading shocks through increased overall stiffness,” Engel wrote. “This actually improves shock performance, and reduces stiction and seal wear.”

As part of its review, Bike also posted a video roundtable discussion with some of its testers. For more, pick up a copy of the 2018 Bible of Bike Tests, or check out the review on Bike’s website.

And for all the details on the full range of 2018 Reign bikes, click here.

7 lutego 2018