AMB Magazine: nowe siodełko Romero SL Saddle spisuje się fantastycznie

wtorek, 1 września 2020


AMB Magazine opublikował recenzję całkowicie nowego siodełka Romero SL, wyszczególniając jego cechy konstrukcyjne, opisując użytkowanie na szlak i nazywając go "wygodną opcją z przemyślanymi funkcjami dla każdego rowerzysty górskiego, który ceni sobie komfort i niezawodność".

Shaw was impressed with the all-around comfort of the Romero SL on a variety of terrain, claiming that it “performs fantastically when climbing steep terrain on the nose of your saddle” and that “the more neutral riding position on the Romero SL was also pleasant.”
“The saddle is generously padded with two ‘particle pockets’ where your sit bones go, and a central cutout that tapers up to being almost level at the end of the saddle,” Shaw wrote. “We found this design locked us in well when pedaling seated. Another feature that enhances this comfort is the saddle’s ‘side-flex technology,’ which does what it says.”
Shaw also praised the saddle’s durability, writing: “The padding around the edges of the saddle is reinforced to reduce the chance of ripping in the event of a dirt nap. Whilst we didn’t take any tumbles during the testing period, the material feels quite durable and is definitely thicker than other saddles out there.”
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