Now more capable than ever, the new Trance X range includes a full collection of progressive trail bikes that combine all-rounder versatility with even greater control for technical terrain. From superlight composite frame bikes to dynamic alloy models made by the world leaders in aluminium frame construction, there’s one for every rider and all types of terrain.

Born from the idea that every trail is unique, every ride its own type of challenge, the range is built on new framesets with added suspension travel and even greater adjustability than the previous generation. In addition, most models now offer the option to swap out the stock 29-inch rear wheel for a 27.5 to run a mixed-wheel “mullet” setup. The longer-travel SX models come with a 29/27.5 front/rear setup for optimal performance on the most technical terrain.

Trance X Advanced

Carbon Trail MTB

Float up technical climbs and sail down chunky descents. This all-new, full-composite trail bike gives you 140mm of smooth Maestro rear suspension and all sorts of adjustability. You can dial in frame geometry and switch the rear wheel size for the terrain.

Trance X

Aluminium Trail MTB

Find your flow on technical trails. With adjustable geometry, the option to change rear wheel size, and a new 140mm Maestro rear suspension setup, this versatile trail bike steamrolls singletrack with confidence and control.


Building on the versatility of the previous generation, which introduced flip chip technology to adjust geometry for individual riding style and terrain, the new Trance X range adds a second flip chip at the headset so you can quickly adjust reach and dial in your cockpit dimensions.


This new three-position flip chip at the headset lets riders quickly fine-tune cockpit dimensions and geometry for their riding style and terrain.

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Riders can adjust frame geometry and choose a rear wheel size (29-inch or 27.5-inch) to suit their riding style and terrain. Using eccentric flip chip hardware located on the upper rocker arm of the rear suspension, the geometry can be set to low, medium or high positions, changing the head tube and seat tube angles along with the bottom bracket height.

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All Trance X models now have added rear travel thanks to an updated Maestro suspension system. The Trance X Advanced and Trance X models go from 135mm to 140mm, paired with a 150mm fork up front.

Giant engineers took great care in perfecting the delicate balance of anti-squat, anti-rise, and leverage ratio. These critical elements lie at the foundation of the Trance X range, shaping how power is transferred, how braking forces are managed, and how the bike interacts with ever-changing terrain.


Frame Storage

The new Trance X range also includes updates aimed at improving the trail riding experience, including integrated down tube frame storage that makes it easy to carry tools and other essentials.

Additional Frame Mounts

Mounts placed beneath the top tube provide an extra storage solution.

Frame Protection

More robust protection on the underside of the down tube shields the frame from rock and debris.


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