To help resolve any Warranty and product related issues that you may have as fast as possible, we've put together a list of frequently asked questions - please take the time to read the FAQ's below before reaching out to Giant New Zealand directly.

If you can't find the answer here - please contact your local Authorised Giant Retailer. Your local Authorised Giant Retailer is extremely knowledgeable with vast experience of Giant products and in the majority of cases they will be able to resolve the issue or answer your question quickly.

Please note that if you have a question that requires a physical inspection, Giant cannot answer this via our social media channels or email so please take your bicycle, gear item or component back to your local Authorised Giant Retailer for them to examine.

We also ask that any questions relating to quality, function or setup that you talk to your local Authorised Giant Retailer because these tend to need a hands on approach to find a satisfactory answer or solution.

What is the warranty on my Giant bicycle?
Please refer to your Giant Owner’s manual - depending on the year you purchased your bicycle and depending on which model you have will dictate what your warranty is.
Please visit this link for the current Giant Bicycles Owner’s Manual for New Zealand.

If you are unsure please consult your local Authorised Giant Retailer.

How do I make a warranty claim?
With all warranty claims please take your bicycle or gear item to your local Authorised Giant Retailer with the proof of purchase - all claims must be made through an Authorised Giant Retailer.

I am unhappy with the quality of my Giant bicycle - what can I do?
We are of course disappointed to hear this but in our experience if you take your bicycle back to your local Authorised Giant Retailer, we will make every effort to address the matter and come to a satisfactory resolution for you.

If I make a warranty claim - will I receive the same frame?
Giant will endeavour to replace like for like but cannot always guarantee we will be able to replace with the exact frame in its original colour way. Giant will of course replace with the best available option to the same specification or better but this does mean from time to time that colour ways may differ from the original.

Further contact

Should the above information not answer your query satisfactorily Giant Bicycles New Zealand can be contacted directly by emailing

Current Recall Information

2015 SR Suntour suspension fork recall

These affected forks were fitted as original equipment on full bicycles sold by a number of major brands including Giant. The affected Giant models are some 2015 Enchant 1, Enchant 2 and ATX 2 bicycles.

Various Giant and Liv bicycle model recall January 2017

Giant conducted a voluntary recall relating to the below mentioned 6 models from our current and previous ranges of bicycles sold in New Zealand. The recall relates to handlebar width and/or bicycles without a chain guard. No injuries have been reported, to find out more information click on the hyperlink above to view full details including the recall notice.

- 2015 Giant Stance 2
- 2016 Giant Stance 2
- 2017 Giant Stance 2
- 2017 Liv Embolden 2 (Small and Medium size bikes only)
- 2017 Liv Tempt 1
- 2017 Giant ToughRoad SLR 0

Various Giant bicycle model recall September 2015

Giant is conducting a recall relating to the various models mentioned below of bicycles sold in New Zealand. The recall relates to the quick release being able to open too far and interfere with the front disc rotor resulting in the rider losing control of the bicycle. If this affects you, stop riding untill you have checked your bikes front quick release. If affected contact your nearest Giant Dealer to arrange for the quick release to be replaced free of charge. For more information, please see the above link, of visit

2003: AC id-1, Iguana Disc, Rianier, Warp DS 1, XTC NRS 3

2004: Iguana Disc, VT 3, XTC 3

2005: AC, Iguana, Reign 3, STP 1, Trance 3, XTC 2, XTC 3, XTC 2 LE

2006: XTC 3

2007: XTC 2

2008: Trance 2

2010: Boulder, Boulder W, Strata, Strata W. Tran Stand 1

2011: Boulder 1, Boulder 1 W, Talon 3, Talon 3 W

2012: Boulder 1, Boulder 1 W, Talon 2, Talon 2 W