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Propel Advanced SL Disc Earns Cycling Weekly Editor's Choice!


Cycling Weekly announced its 2018 Editor’s Choice award winners, and the new Propel Advanced SL Disc was high on its list of favorite road bikes this year. Editors called the composite aero road racer “an epic bike” that “feels super fast and doesn’t disappoint on any terrain, even up climbs.”

The 2019 Propel Advanced SL Disc earned a near-perfect ranking of 9/10. Explaining their decision to name it one of the year’s best bikes, editors wrote:

“The latest Giant Propel is such an improvement on its previous aero bike that it has to be included. Its futuristic looks and great build quality makes it one of the better investments of 2018. It is also half the price of some of the other aero bikes on the market and if performance is everything to you then the Propel is the bike for you.”

In a feature story posted on, which also includes a video, editor Symon Lewis reports on everything that is new with the 2019 model and details its innovations including AeroSystem Shaping Technology.

To get a feel for its road performance, Lewis took the bike to the popular warm-weather training grounds of Mallorca, Spain.

“The trip included mountains, flat roads, long fast descents. The Propel Advanced SL 1 Disc feels fast and runs along the flat incredibly well, almost without effort,” Lewis wrote. “Sprinting in particular is a joy as the bike feels like a rocket ship when stamping down on the pedals. This’ll be a mix of aerodynamic efficiency and raw stiffness—those large tubes, integrated post, massive headtube and what Giant calls Powercore. A fully integrated, 86mm wide bottom bracket joins with asymmetric chainstays to provide all the stiffness you need according to Giant, and I’m in total agreement.”

Summing it up, Cycling Weekly offered this verdict: “The Giant Propel Advanced SL 1 Disc is a great bike, one that is far more advanced than its previous version.”

For more, check out the full story, including a video, at

And for all the details on the 2019 Propel Advanced SL Disc series, click here.

Friday, 21 December 2018