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Pinner Pedal Recall

Wednesday, 22 January 2020


Important information related to the recall of the Giant Pinner DH Flat Pedals

Giant is conducting a voluntary recall relating to the Pinner DH pedals from our range of accessories sold in New Zealand.

The details of this voluntary recall are as follows:

Models affected:

Giant Pinner DH Flat Pedals sold under the following part numbers:

Part # 230000030 - PINNER DH FLAT PEDAL BLACK (Version 2)
Part # 230000031 - PINNER DH FLAT PEDAL SILVER (Version 2)

There are two versions of the Pinner DH Flat Pedals which have been sold under the same part numbers. Version 2 is affected by this recall, Version 1 is not.

Please inspect the pedal image below on this page to help visually identify whether the pedals are Version 2 (affected) or Version 1 (not-affected). If your pedals are affected, firstly stop using the product immediately, secondly please visit our Online Pedal Replacement Request Page which contains all the required information in order for you to receive a replacement set.


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