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New Reign 29 Enduro Bike Draws Rave Reviews!

Friday, 30 August 2019


Following the unveiling of the new Reign 29 range earlier this summer, mountain bike publications and websites around the world have been publishing reviews and “first ride” tests of the enduro machine. Here's a look at some of the highlights.

Some of the top editors from various publications were invited to Canada to attend the launch of the Reign 29 in Revelstoke, British Columbia. It was the ideal location to test the new bike during a backcountry adventure that included a helicopter drop-off atop the summit of Mount Cartier for a massive descent down rocky, technical singletrack trails.

More than 30 initial reports and first-ride reviews have already been published over the past few weeks, with more in-depth reviews to come as the 2020 Reign 29 bikes start to hit Giant retail stores worldwide.

This is a bike that feels like it has been in the development wings for quite some time, and a lot of attention has been paid to finding that magic balance between rock smasher and trail ripper,” wrote Flow magazine in its first-ride review of the flagship Reign Advanced Pro 29 0 model. “It’s a great do-everything bike for the rider who prefers aggressive, nasty trails to smooth, snaking singletrack, but still needs to get to the top of the mountain under pedal-power. We can’t wait to try it on home trails.”

VitalMTB tester Mint Henk found that the bike performed equally well on the climbs and descents: 

"Put simply this bike is both fun and fast," Henk wrote. "The combination of a great factory tune on the rear shock and great kinematics make this bike much more than an enduro race bike. One way it differs from many enduro race bikes is that it has uphill prowess that many don’t. Getting to the top isn’t simply possible, it is pleasurable. While the bike could certainly be raced at high levels, it would also do great as an all-day bike or when thrown into the bike park on occasion. In the end I was surprised by the 2020 Giant Reign, and pleasantly so.

Jeff Barber from the website had a chance to test out the Reign Advanced Pro 29 0 at the Whistler bike park in Canada and had this to report:

“My first descent on the Reign Advanced Pro was on a steep, natural, and technical shard of singletrack that plunges over rock rolls and loamy root webs. Here the Maestro suspension platform really came alive, soaking up trail chatter without feeling overly soft and mushy through the turns. The overall frame stiffness plays a big role too, keeping the bike responsive in sticky situations.”

To learn all about the full new range of new Reign 29 bikes, click here.

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