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Monday, 30 March 2020


The racing season and group rides may be on hold for many people around the world, but that doesn’t mean their training has stopped. During this time of social distancing and avoiding group gatherings, more and more cyclists are turning to indoor cycling and online platforms like Zwift to get their fix.

Giant has partnered Tim Searle, founder of the Aussie Hump Day Ride, one of the most popular events on Zwift, to host two weekly group rides that are part of the AHDR Series. The original Aussie Hump Day Ride presented by Giant Bicycles takes place every Wednesday at 7 pm AEDT. Participants in this event get access to the TCR Advanced SL race bike, and finishers will unlock the Aussie Hump Day Ride kit. The second event, Americas Hump Day Ride, is held every Wednesday at 5 pm PDT. Participants in this ride get access to a Propel Advanced SL Disc bike, and finishers will unlock the Americas Hump Day Ride kit.

Searle, the ride leader for these events, is somewhat of a legend on Zwift. Searle was the first person on the platform to top 100,000 kilometers of riding, and these days he puts in about 24 hours a week on Zwift. He began training on Zwift in 2015 following an injury from a crash and was immediately hooked.

At the time, Searle says, there were few organized group rides that fit in with Australian time zones, so in April 2016 he started the Aussie Hump Day Ride on Wednesday evenings Australian time. The ride quickly grew into one of the biggest community-led social rides on Zwift with up to 500 participants each week.

Now the AHDR has grown into a full series, with six other events including the two main ones presented by Giant. Here’s a list of all the AHDR weekly events on Zwift.

Wed 7 pm AEDT: Aussie Hump Day Ride presented by Giant Bicycles

Wed 5 pm PDT:  Americas Hump Day Ride presented by Giant Bicycles

Mon 5:50 am AEDT: AHDR Bacon Rolls

Wed 5:50 AEDT:  AHDR Bacon Rolls with Caffeine

Thurs 7:10 pm AEDT: AHDR The Chop

Sat 6:15 am AEDT: AHDR Full Aussie Brekkie Roll

Sun 7 am AEDT: AHDR PretzHELL


For more information you can join the Aussie Hump Day Ride Facebook group.

And to get rolling with the original Aussie Hump Day Ride, the Americas Hump Day Ride, sign up at


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