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Bike Gear

Giant Airway Carbon Cage

Giant Airway Side Pull Carbon Cage

Giant Proway Bottle Cage

Giant Proway SidePull Bottle Cage

Giant Gateway 6mm Cage

Giant Gateway 5mm Cage

Giant PourFast Double Spring Bottle (600ml)

Giant PourFast Double Spring Bottle (750ml)

Giant PourFast Auto Spring Bottle (600ml)

Giant Axact 13W

Axact+ Wireless Computer

Contact SLR Aero Integrated Computer Extension Mount

RideSync/Garmin & GoPro Mount for Contact SLR Aero HBs

Giant ANT+ RideSense Sensor and Magnets

Giant RideSense Magnet Set

Giant Contact SLR Lite Bar Tape

Giant Contact SLR Bar Tape

Ergo Max Plus Lock-On Grips w/ Bar-Ends

Ergo Max Lock-On Grips

Stratus 3.0 Handlebar Tape

Stratus 3.0 Handlebar Tape

Tactal Double Lock-On Grips 135mm

Stratus 2.0 Handlebar Tape

Stratus 2.0 Handlebar Tape

Tactal Grips 135mm

Ergo Max Grips

Giant Contact Gel Bar Tape

Giant Sole-O Double Lock-On Grip

Giant XC Lock-On Mountain Bike Grip

Giant XC Mountain Bike Grip

Giant Connect Ergo Max Grip

Giant Connect Ergo Max Lock-on Grip

Giant Connect Ergo Max Plus Lock-on Grip and Bar end

Giant Contact Alloy Bar Ends

Giant Contact SLR Aero Integrated Handlebar & Stem

2015 Giant Contact SLR Drop Handlebar

Giant Connect SL Ski Type Bar Extensions

Giant Contact Aero Clip-On Bar Clamp

Giant Connect XC Riser Bar 690MM

Giant Contact SL TR Bar

Giant Contact Trail Riser Bar

Contact SLR DH Riser Handlebar 31.8x800mm Black

Contact SL DH Riser Handlebar 31.8x800mm Black

Contact SL AM Stem


Cascade 1

Cascade 2

Giant Numen+ Spark Mini HL Headlight

Giant Numen+ Spark Mini TL Taillight

Giant Numen Lights Combo

Giant Numen Aero Plus TL

Giant Numen Plus HL 1.5

Giant Numen Plus TL 2

Numen+ Link LED USB Headlight

Numen+ Link LED USB Taillight

Numen 3 Combo Kit

Numen 4 Combo Kit

Giant Numen Mounts

Giant Numen Aero Tail Light Mount

Giant Surelock Protector 1 DT

Giant Surelock Protector 1 LS

Giant Surelock Protector 2 LS

Giant Surelock Flex Key 15

Giant Surelock Flex Key 12

Giant Surelock Flex Combo 15

Giant Surelock Flex Combo 12

SL Seat Bag

Giant DX Seat Bag

Giant ST Seat Bag

Shadow DX Pannier

Shadow DX Seat Bag

Shadow ST Seat Bag

Pinner DH Flat Pedals

Giant Original MTB Pedal Sport

Giant Original MTB Pedal Core

Giant Platform Plastic Pedal

Giant City Pedal Sport

Giant City Pedal Core

Giant Headsets MTB

Giant Headsets MTB OD2

Giant Headset Road OD

Giant Headset Road OD2

Chainstay Protector MTB (Small)

Chainstay Protector MTB (Large)

Contact SLR Forward

Contact Forward Saddle

Contact Neutral Saddle

Contact Upright Saddle

Contact SLR Neutral

Contact SLR Upright

Contact SL Forward

Contact SL Neutral

Contact SL Upright

Giant Contact Forward Saddle

Giant Contact Upright Saddle

Giant Connect Forward Saddle

Giant Connect Upright Saddle

Giant Contact Comfort+ Saddle

Giant Connect Comfort+ Saddle

Giant Contact City+ Saddle

Giant Connect City+ Saddle

2016 Giant Contact SL Switch Seatpost

Giant Contact Composite Seatpost

Connect Seatpost

TRX 0 27.5 Carbon Trail - Boost

XCR 0 27.5 Carbon XC - Boost

XCR 0 29er Carbon XC

TRX 1 27.5 Carbon Trail - Boost

XCR 1 27.5 Carbon XC - Boost

SLR 0 Carbon Climbing Road

SLR 0 Carbon Aero Road

SLR 1 Carbon Climbing Road

SLR 1 Carbon Disc Road

SLR 1 Carbon Aero Road

SL 1 Alloy Climbing Road

SL 1 Alloy Disc Road

SLR 0 Carbon Disc Road

SL 1 Carbon/Alloy Aero Road

P-TRX0 27.5 Carbon Trail

P-XCR1 27.5 Alloy XC