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How fast can an E-bike go?

The first thing to remember is that even though E-bikes have a motor, we are still talking about bicycles. They are not scooters.

One of the most frequently asked questions concerning E-bikes is their speed.

So how fast can you go on an E-Bike?

New Zealand supports E-Bikes with motors of a maximum sustained power output of 250 watts and a maximum speed of 32km/h for off-road models, and of up to 45km/h for models designed for road use.

So can it go faster than the motor supports?

Yes, it can. Although the motor output stops supporting you when you reach the max speed limitation you can supply the power to go faster yourself.

With an E-bike, you have the power to reach a speed that is suitable for your way of riding, whether that’s faster than the motor supports or at a speed that’s lower than the maximum motor support speed.

Can you get any exercise out of an E-bike? 

The answer is that you can decide if you want to get exercise with an E-bike. There are several options to challenge yourself physically if you want to.

  1. You can use your E-bike without any support or in Eco mode and still get a good workout.
  2. You can do several laps on the same ride, instead of just one.
  3. On your E-Bike you are encouraged by the speed/fun factor, so you ride for longer.

Empower yourself to get as much exercise as you want with your E-bike.

And… If you prefer, you can also empower yourself to simply have a good time, let the motor do the work and enjoy the ride without any sweat.

Can I handle the E-bike when the battery runs out?

No worries, you can still pedal the bike and get home.

Which E-MTB is for me?

For choosing the right E-MTB, you can choose a Full Suspension or a Hardtail.
The Full-Suspension E-MTB offers front and rear suspension for more comfort and control. The Hardtail E-MTB features only a front suspension.

The first question should always be what kind of terrain are you going to ride?

The Trance E+ offers great comfort and control, which is good for trails and rougher terrain so you can descend easier.

The Fathom E+ is suitable for riding smoother terrain like XC trails and dirt paths.

Either way, both bikes offer comfort and control on different types of terrain.

Empower yourself to choose the E-MTB which fits you best.