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SyncDrive Technology provides pedaling assistance that’s synchronized with human input. It produces smooth pedaling power with a natural feel that is sonically tuned for quiet performance. The result is very predictable and responsive motor behavior that produces the same output pattern between the rider and the motor. Unlike cadence-driven systems, there is no need to adjust your riding style to match the motor behavior. You can ride like you normally do, but with more power.

Better Shifting Performance

Most E-bike motors apply continuous torque, so the load on the drivetrain stays high unless you stop pedaling. SyncDrive is different. When a human is pedaling, there is a split second of lower torque in every revolution.
This “dead point” is needed for shift systems to work properly. SyncDrive replicates that natural pedal stroke, synchronizing motorized power and human power with a reduced power point in every pedal stroke. This makes it feel more natural and also improves shifting performance.

Smart Assist

Smart Assist lets you forget about changing settings while riding, so you can focus on enjoying the ride. It’s similar to an auto transmission in a car, providing the appropriate support automatically. This intelligent system uses sensors and advanced algorithms to determine the optimum amount of power a cyclist needs. The result is an extremely smooth, natural, and enjoyable riding experience.

This technology also maximizes efficiency by not using unnecessary energy. And since it provides optimal pedaling support, it also ensures rider efficiency. In short, Smart Assist enables you to think less and ride more.

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