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Canadian MTB: Trance Advanced Pro 29 "Brings Plenty of Pop"

tysdag 24. september 2019


Canadian MTB put the Trance Advanced Pro 29 to the test this summer, riding the composite full-suspension trail bike on a variety of singletrack trails on Vancouver Island. Tester Terry McKall reported on the bike’s latest technology updates and his ride experience, concluding that “it encourages you to have fun, find natural features and get creative.”

Describing the Trance Advanced Pro 29's geometry and 29-inch wheels, McKall wrote: “The large hoops up the bike’s rollover capabilities. They also keep the Trance Advanced Pro 29 comfortable for long, roaming days in the saddle. Led by a slack 66.5-degree head-tube angle and 44-mm fork offset, the Trance 29 inspires confidence and speed while cornering. A 74.5-degree seat-tube angle is steep enough to keep you centered on the bike and make climbing and flat terrain engaging, rather than a chore.”

On the trail, McKall found the bike's updated Maestro Suspension and composite Giant TRX 1 29 WheelSystem to be ideal for the mixed style of terrain on a typical trail ride: The Giant Trance Advanced Pro 29 is designed to be confident when trails get steeper and can handle the occasional larger feature. At the same time, it’s lightfooted enough that it doesn’t feel like it bogs down when the trail levels out. The short travel helps you attack punchy climbs without having to reach for a lock-out lever on the shock.”

For more, check out the full review at the Canadian MTB website.

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